On June 6th, a Tornado visited Laramie, WY

The Washington Post called it: the "Tornado of the year." Now the town of Laramie is having an art show called "Our Tornado Show" featuring work from local artists. 

Square State is working on a local video portrait during the tornado, similar to a previous video we produced with NPR: "One Nation Under the Sun."

We’re collecting footage from shooters and amateur videographers. What we want is anything video related to June 6th, 2018. Not just tornado footage, but fun family events, clips of your day to work, etc. Whether it was something you posted on Facebook or an old Snapchat video earlier that day leading up to the tornado. 

All video submissions must be delivered by Saturday, Sept 1st. The video will be shown at the opening reception on Friday, Sept 7th, 5 - 7 pm. It will shortly be online after the opening day of the gallery. 

All contributors will be credited at the end of the video.

You can send all of your video footage to Any larger videos can be sent and uploaded to or connect us to your dropbox.

Thank you Wyoming!